Pete’s Shekeres are 100% hand-made using only the best materials. The gourds are hand picked by Pete himself thus guaranteeing the highest quality. A lot of time is spent in choosing the right shape and weight. Sealing and finishing the gourd is equally important for the looks and the durability of the Shekere.

Plastic pony beads are used for the net. This is the industry standard for today’s sound and practicality. Pete’s Shekeres feature more beads than most Shekeres seen on the market today. Although more work, this creates fuller sound preferred by the professional players.

There are four different models to choose from. The model describes the basic design of the Shekere. The colors and other details are unique for every instrument and no two Shekeres are the same. You can also custom design your own Shekere.

Lenny Castro, Kevin Ricard and Michito Sanchez are some of the top percussionists who use Pete’s Shekeres.

Model "Diamond" $250.00

  Model "Fire" $250.00
Model "Trane" $250.00   Model "Wave" $250.00

Model "Custom" $250.00


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  *Shekere Warranty Information: One year warranty for the string if broken under normal wear and tear. 5 day money back guarantee. Customer is responsible for all Shipping & Handling. Shipping & Handling is normally domestic only, check for international shipping fees.